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This time of year it's always a little bit more difficult to plan activities outdoors as the weather doesn't always make it as inviting to take your activity outside. Let's not forget the days are shorter so you have to contend with the dark too. Here are our top five things to do indoors that will be sure to keep you active in any weather.

1) Racquet Sports

Racquet sports are a great staple indoor activity. Most leisure centres also let you hire the equipment too and all ages can take part. Playing a quick game of badminton with friends will get your heart rate up and give you a great excuse to socialise and have a catch-up. Go smash it - yes we absolutely unashamedly meant to use that pun.

2) Swimming

Not only is swimming an excellent form of cardio it is also a resistance exercise because you're pushing against the water which means you'll use more energy in the process. The water also supports your body so it is a great option for people recovering from injury. Also if childcare is a barrier to being more active, then bring them along too. There are two leisure centres with public pools in Erewash so why not head to one of them?

3) Classes

Group exercise classes are a fabulous indoor activity as the fact you're booking to do it means you're more likely to go and the social aspect means you're more likely to keep going too! There are loads of gyms, leisure centres and local village halls which offer exercise classes in Erewash. You don't need to be super fit either as all good instructors will give options to make the exercise appropriate for your level.

4) Home workout

Ahh exercising in the comfort of your own home! Absolutely a good choice this time of year. Plus you can get the whole family involved. YouTube is a great place to head for HIIT exercises, yoga and pretty much anything really. You can pick up a gym mat from most supermarkets or sports shops too. The Body Coach has a fab range of HIIT classes on his channel and they're for all different levels.

5) Indoor cycling

Just down the road from Erewash is Derby Arena which is home to the East Midland's only indoor velodrome. For cyclists who don't want to battle the elements and dark nights this is the perfect place to get your cycling fix. You have to do a 4-step accreditation but getting that is also activity so it's a win-win! All activities are trackable on the Erewash Can App, you can manually add an activity or sync it from your fitness tracker or apps like Strava.