Here are our top tips for making a sustainable lifestyle change, without overdoing it and congratulating yourself. 


- Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

If the word ‘diet’ crops up, chances are it comes stacked with pressure. There is nothing negative about the word goal so why not make small month-by-month goals that are realistic and achievable? If you deviate from your plan, don’t dwell on it; tomorrow is a new day.

- Get support

Support can be a great motivator and help focus you. Whether it’s a friend you train with, or the family you eat with, get everyone on board with your lifestyle change; they’ll help you keep on track.

Members of the health club can also get support from our team with programmes, expertise and motivator sessions, why not give them a try?

- Don’t miss out

Some diets can be really restrictive meaning meals with friends and events are out the question and you’re too exhausted to exercise. Not only is this not sustainable, but you’ll also lose a lot of enjoyment. Your lifestyle change can simply be making better choices with regard to food and drink or taking the stairs and not the lift. A lifestyle change isn’t a punishment, it’s just a new way of living.

- Try something new

You can make your lifestyle change fun by trying new foods and activities. Whilst your motivation is at its highest, find new activities, join a new class or group and investigate new foods, flavours and recipes.

- Do online food shopping

One of the ways to combat ‘accidentally’ buying a box of 6 cakes and a bag of chocolate buttons is to remove yourself from temptation. Why not switch to doing your food shop online? You’ll be out of harm’s way and the likelihood of a bag of crisps jumping into your trolley and ruining your new lifestyle is slim.

Planning what you’re eating on a week-by-week basis is key to success; you can prep, defrost and have all the ingredients at your fingertips and ready to go.

- Congratulate yourself

This is an important one. Congratulate yourself for starting it, congratulate yourself for all the small improvements you make, learn what works for you and keep going. A lifestyle change is a long term, sustainable plan so make sure it’s enjoyable, you want this to become a way of life.