Slow and steady will win the race

If you've started a New Year's resolution to get active then good on you! We couldn't agree more that activity is a great thing to take top spot on your to-do 2020 list.

If you're wanting to get active after a period of inactivity then make sure you don't overdo it. You don't need to achieve everything by the end of January. If you've joined the gym, going 5 times a week in the first 2 weeks of your new regime could just leave you exhausted, especially if you're not used to it.
Make sure you plan in your rest days, they are as important as the days you train. Acknowledge they are good for you too. Remember your new routine will mean some of your time is now dedicated to exercise when it wasn't before. If you increase your activity gradually it won't seem like you're sacrificing what you used to do instead and you'll adapt quickly.

Find an activity YOU want to do. Exercise should be enjoyable and not a punishment for what you ate. The gym is preferred for a lot of people as it can be done all year round and isn't weather dependent but it really isn't for everyone. So find activities that make you happy, even if you try loads... just do it!