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Most gyms in England are set to reopen their doors on Saturday 25 July, after being asked to close since Saturday 20 March.

Many of us have been finding alternative ways to exercise, whether that’s doing PE with Joe, digging out a push bike or simply enjoying an evening walk. Despite finding other forms of exercise, some of us have longed for our “old” gym routine, PT sessions and group exercise classes to come back.

As new ‘out of the gym’ routines have been established, here are our top tip for getting back into the swing of things at the gym (if that’s what’s right for you).  

  • Work with what is right for you

Gyms are reopening but that doesn’t mean you need to feel the pressure to go. If you’ve established new routine that works for you and your family, there is no reason for you not to stick to it, or work out if a ‘hybrid’ version might be better. Could you find a way to combine your new activities with you old gym visits?

  • If you’re not ready to go back, don’t

We recently did a survey on Facebook and most of you said you were planning to go back to the gym on the 25th and you just needed a little longer. Many providers have recognised this and are allowing start dates to be deferred so it is worth checking with them so you can return when you are able to.

  • Ease yourself in

If you haven’t exercised for a while or you have had to make dramatic changes, e.g. not lifted heavy weights since March, you might have lost some of your previously hard-earned strength.

The key is to accept where you are and ease yourself back in. It can be as much of a shift going back to the gym as it was to have to stop going. Most gyms are staffed so if you have any concerns it’s best to speak to them so you feel comfortable and can avoid any injury.

Most gyms won’t be allowing a ‘spot’ so bear this in mind when selecting your weights if you’re not training with someone from the same household or support bubble as you.

  • Enjoy yourself

For a lot of people the 25th marks more than just being able to access different equipment, it marks returning to a network that promotes both mental and physical wellbeing. Whilst gyms and the way we train will be very different, if you’re ready to go back, then go for it.